QR codes bring the music of nature to smartphones

QR codes on trees support learning

Quick response codes have been posted on placards in Knoxville parks to share the songs of the trees.

In a broad scale effort to help to teach locals and visitors about the parks in Knoxville, the Tennessee Nature Conservancy has decided to take QR codes and apply them in a new and interesting way.

They have brought a range of famous musicians together to share a video that can be accessed through scans.

According to the Tennessee Nature Conservancy state director, Gina Hancock, “Some of the most famous musicians in the state or in the world have all come together to do a video for us.” She wasn’t kidding about some of the big names whose talents have joined together to be accessed by way of QR codes posted on placards on trees. Some of those musicians include Amy Grant, Reba McIntyre, and Ben Folds.

The new program, some of which is now accessible by way of QR codes, is called “If Trees Could Sing.”

QR codes on trees support learningThe way that it works is that the program has posted a number of QRcodes on trees that can be found all around the Morningside and the Victor Ashe parks. Anyone who spots these barcodes can simply use a smartphone and any free quick response code reader app to scan the barcodes. They will then be automatically redirected to the video of the participating musicians, as they sing and discuss the specific species of tree.

Officials have explained that it is important that people learn about the trees in general as well as about their individual species. Hancock stated that “Besides being the air we breathe and helping do that and be the lungs of our planet, they also are in probably every product we use every day, from our clothes to our desk to the paper.”

The Tennessee Nature Conservancy has designed and funded this project and is hopeful that these QR codes and the music provided by the celebrities will make it interesting and enjoyable to learn more about the trees and to promote a greater respect for everything that they provide in the lifestyle that we enjoy.

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