QR codes bring personalized videos to holiday flower arrangements

Ode à la ROSE qr code video florist commercial

A New York, NY based florist is allowing customers to send a more personal touch to recipients.

Ode à la ROSE, a florist based in New York City, has launched a marketing campaign including a mobile video, in order to help to spread the word about the QR codes that it is using to give consumers the ability to send more than just flowers.

This provides people with the ability to record holiday wishes when they send their Christmas arrangements.

The service allows consumers to be able to shop for their flowers over the internet or over mobile commerce channels. They can select the bouquet or arrangement that they want and create a card in the traditional way. However, they also have the opportunity to use the florist’s new app over smartphone or tablet in order to personalize the message using scans of QR codes. The company also uses digital tools to help consumers to know that they have sent exactly what they have intended to the recipient.

The florist specializes in roses, but has applied QR codes to the experience to make them even more special.

The Ode à la Rose Virtual Card Concept from www.odealarose.com on Vimeo.

The card sent along with the rose bouquets and arrangements from Ode à la ROSE can feature a unique QRcode that the recipient can scan in order to be able to view the message that has been recorded by the sender. During the holiday season, when sending flowers to friends and loved ones, it is easy to understand how consumers can feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to make their gift even more personal – especially when they won’t be able to see the recipient in person this season.

The company takes things a step further than the QR codes, by confirming delivery of the rose bouquet or arrangement via email, at which time the sender is also sent a snapshot of the actual finished product that has been sent. Therefore, the customer does not simply have to imagine that the recipient will be receiving flowers that look like the studio-shot from the site’s marketing images. Instead, the sender sees the flowers that the recipient will actually be receiving.

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