QR codes become permanent in Turkish tattoos

QR codes tattoo

QR codes tattooAn ink parlor in Turkey uses the barcodes as tests for accuracy when hiring new candidate artists.

Anyone who has said that QR codes aren’t permanent was proven wrong by a tattoo parlor in Turkey that is using the barcodes not only to advertise for new artists, but also to test their abilities and accuracy.

The Turkish small business used this technology as an ingenious strategy to identify the most skilled candidates.

The ad agency called BÜRO was hired by Berrge Tattoo, an upmarket tattoo shop located in Istanbul. The task was to help the company to use its innovative website in order to hire skilled new artists to include among its team members. The technique that was actually developed for this purpose was completely creative and innovative.

Applicants could learn how to apply to be hired only by completing blank QR codes located in the ads.

The unique nature of the world often makes it challenging for employers to be able to identify the employment candidates that are truly skilled artists. However, the ad that was created for this purpose helped to make the application process part of the test. It involved QR codes that were blank, within a flesh colored print ad. If the barcode was properly completed, it gave the hopeful the opportunity to visit a website where it would be possible to complete an application form.

By coloring the ad in a sloppy way, the QR codes would not work, and the application form would not become available. This helped the company to be able to weed out some of the unwanted applicants before they would even be able to have an interview.

The nature of the ad took into account that the average scanner for QR codes allows for a margin of error of 30 percent. This meant that if a candidate was not able to fill in the barcode effectively, it was a relatively sloppy job, and inaccuracy was considerable. This helped to filter out those whose attention to detail and steady hand would not have allowed them to pass the interview and initial testing, anyway.

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