QR codes assisted in buying July 4 fireworks

qr codes fireworks

Links accessed through quick response barcodes assisted in making shows at home easier to build.

After working for hours to add QR codes to the products at the Fireworks Frenzy store in Clearfield, Utah, Brian Nelson made it much easier for locals to be able to purchase the products that they would need to design and create a spectacular show at home.

Scanning the barcodes allowed customers to see what the product would look like before purchasing it.

According to Nelson, some consumers have spent a great deal of time looking at the online samples that are accessed through the scanning of the QR codes. This has made it easy for them to see the manufacturer’s preview video or Nelson’s own product videos in order to understand what they can expect from a specific product so that they can design a specific fireworks show, eliminating much of the guesswork.

qr codes fireworksCustomers have found that the QR codes make it much easier to create their own shows the way they want them.

Nelson stated that “We’ve had several customers even take notes from the linked videos as they build their show.” Though QR codes are appearing increasingly frequently on product packages, the fireworks industry is only just catching on to the potential that these little barcodes have to offer.

The idea came to Nelson based on inspiration from his past as a wholesale fireworks buyer for large shows. At that time, he started making spreadsheets that provided details for each of the fireworks and links to each of their videos. More recently, he realized that other people may want precisely this type of information for their own home shows. Therefore, he decided to make the explanation of what each firework does, as well as the video to actually illustrate this explanation, available through the use of the mobile phones and a simple scan of QR codes.

He stated that the ability to access the videos by way of the QR codes is important because it is difficult to know precisely what to expect based on a written description. “Everyone knows what a parachute does, but generally people want to know what the aerials do, and with 300 different options, it’s hard to know everything. This way, the codes allow the customers to educate themselves and select the best product.”

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