QR codes are the latest part of CommBank Kaching services

QR codes mobile billing

The Bpay reader has now been added to the service, at the same time as card and PIN activation.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has just announced that it will be using QR codes as a part of its services and has boosted its app in order to help to make the process of activating cards much more quick and easy for its customers.

The service will be available for customers of the bank who use its app for iPhone.

This was accomplished by adding the Bpay reader for QR codes to the CommBank Kaching app that was already available for iPhone customers. This functionality will allow customers to scan the barcodes to help to pay their bills. Other features just added to the app include activation of new cards, as well as a card PIN functionality.

The QR codes and the app’s built-in reader are meant to make bill payments faster and easier.

QR codes will allow mobile banking users to be able to pay their bills with the quick scan of a black and white square using the CommBank Kaching app in combination with the camera of the iPhone device. Customers will be able to scan the unique barcode printed on their bill mailer and they will automatically be provided with their payment details.

Bpay technology will automatically populate the payment data for the customer. As Bpay is already used by 75 percent of Australians, this proves to have a great deal of potential for providing convenience and ease for that population.

This isn’t the first time that Australians are seeing QR codes for the purpose of paying bills. Australian Power & Gas and Sydney Water are two of the major utility companies that made their way into the use of this technology ahead of the rest. The barcodes will be available on statements, bills, and notices, and the bank said that there are “many more billers expected to follow over the coming months.”

With the size of the penetration of these companies, it likely won’t be long before it’s second nature to see QR codes on bills and invoices in Australia.

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