QR codes are common, but so is their poor use

QR Codes

QR CodesThough quick response barcodes are widely used, many companies still aren’t applying them well.

Though QR codes are providing a wonderful opportunity for brands to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital universe, many companies have yet to figure out how to provide any level of engaging consumer experience.

This poor user experience is leading consumers to shy away from continuing to scan the barcodes.

Fortunately, as the use is still relatively new, there are enough consumers out there who have not yet scanned QR codes that it isn’t too late to make a good and lasting impression. That said, the opportunity is starting to run out, and unless brands get their marketing strategies straight, they won’t be able to use these barcodes with any benefit, for long. Consumers will give up on them, altogether.

Industry experts who want to rescue QR codes are now releasing lists of best practices.

These tips and techniques are meant for brands and marketers to apply to their use of QR codes so that they won’t go the way of the dinosaur. And yet, many companies are still failing to meet even the most basic needs of the barcodes, as they fail to include any call to action from the scan, and they all too frequently link to a desktop webpage that has not been mobile optimized.

Among the most important messages that the mobile marketing industry is trying to spread about the use of QR codes are the following:

• Always place QR codes in a location where they will actually be seen
• Make sure that this visible location is also one where smartphone users will be able to safely take a moment to make the scan (that is, not on billboards visible only to drivers).
• Make sure that the barcode is large enough that it will be easy to scan
• Don’t link the barcode to a site that has not been search engine optimized
• Include a call to action, so that there is purpose behind the scan. Show the consumer how he or she will benefit from using the QR codes.

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