QR Codes are catching on more than ever before

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

QR Code Scanning Statistics

Research is showing that the barcodes are now being widely embraced by consumers.

Studies are beginning to show that QR codes are finally being embraced by the consumer market now that companies are starting to understand how they can best be effectively used as a part of their mobile marketing strategy.

ComScore data is among the most widely consulted statistics about their use.

However, other researchers are also discovering that QR codes are finally taking off. For a while, many wondered if the long awaited adoption of the barcodes would finally occur, as mobile marketers were displaying them on everything from billboards to magazine ads and product packaging, but were seeing limited results.

However, with efforts such as the publication of “A Practical Guide to QR Codes for the Small Business Marketer,” a white paper by Pitney Bowes, and other marketing tools to help companies and mobile marketers to use the barcodes properly, the results have been improving.


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QR codes are now being scanned by a significant percentage of smartphone users.

Data from the Rochester Institute of Technology, published in May and June 2012, has shown that QR codes have reached an explosive point. Like Pitney Bowes, they have also been providing tools and resources for marketers who are seeking to use the barcodes properly. In their case, they have a blog that is geared toward providing insights into the various techniques and methods that the codes can be used.

What their statistics have shown is that from 2011’s first quarter, to the same time this year, there has been a tripling in the number of scans. They have now reached a record high and the scanning of QR codes is still continuing. This makes it clear to many businesses that consumers are content to interact with brands through the use of the barcodes and their smartphones.

The age group that is scanning QR codes the most is the block that falls from 25 to 34 year olds. They are responsible for approximately 35 percent of all quick response barcode scans. That said, scanning is relatively well spread across all of the different age groups.

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