QR codes are being scanned on an increasing basis

Scanlife QR codes

Scanbuy has just released its latest Mobile Trend Report that showed that the barcode use is up.

The latest quarterly trend report from Scanbuy has just been released and has revealed that in the second quarter of this year, alone, it had processed more than 21 million QR code and UPC mobile barcode scans out of the estimated global total of 105 million that occurred during that time period.

The company releases its trend report every quarter to provide insight on the latest in scanning.

What the Q2 2013 Mobile Barcode Trend Report was designed to provide was the latest knowledge on what attracts users of QR codes, who is actually scanning them, and why these scans are changing the way that major brands and retailers are engaging consumers through the use of managed barcode platforms, such as ScanLife, according to the CEO and president of Scanbuy, Mike Wehrs.

Scanlife QR codesAmong all of the 2D barcode formats, QR codes continue to be the most popular type in the global market.

The report indicated that the scanning activity for QR codes is continuing its growth, particularly among shoppers who are seeking value. The data from the report indicates that users are scanning an average of three times every month. This represents an increase of 22 percent over the same time in 2012. Moreover, there was a tremendous 1,300 percent increase in scans through the use of tablets over the same period of time.

The trend report from Scanbuy highlighted a number of statistics, including the following:

• Within the second quarter of 2013, there were 4 million new users of ScanLife, the highly popular scanning app for QR codes.
• Among the scans that were made, 60 percent came from Android based devices, while only 37 percent stemmed from iOS (Apple) based devices.
• Men were far more likely to scan QR codes. Men made 64 percent of the barcode scans, with the remaining 36 percent having been completed by women.
• Among the most liked brands according to the ScanLife mobile app data, Dole, Red Robin, Burger King, and AT&T.
• The highest volume of scans of QR codes came from the United States. In second place was Spain, with France and Brazil in third and fourth place, respectively.

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