QR codes are being scanned a lot at Antwerp bus stops

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These quick response codes have been designed to provide commuters with handy updated information.

Antwerp had previously announced that it would be launching a project that would use QR codes at its bus and tram stops and it is now reporting that throughout the month of March, those barcodes experienced about 56,000 total scans.

The Line Antwerp system is extremely satisfied with the successes of its mobile friendly project.

The QR codes were first launched in September, at which point they were added to bus and tram stops throughout the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Line Antwerp (De Lijn Antwerpen) system had conducted a cost-benefit analysis on this project upon the time of its rollout and decided that it would be worthwhile to be able to provide its riders with this type of updated information through such a low cost technology. These barcodes have been posted at the stops so that commuters can scan them through the use of their smartphones.

The QR codes based project began with a smaller trial in September but since expanded to all stops.

teen mobile texting train bus qr codesThis represents quick response codes at all of the 6,000 different bus and tram stops throughout the Belgian city. The QRcodes can be scanned with a special free mobile app and it provides smartphone users with the number of minutes left before the next tram or bus is expected to arrive at that location, in real time.

Eva De Wolf, a spokesperson for the project, has explained that both the creators of the QRcode based project and users of the transit system are very happy. She pointed out that the use of the barcodes is steadily increasing. She said that in March, there were 39,768 unique users of the barcodes and those people made up a total of 56,701 scans. This suggests that people are scanning and liking what they learn enough that they will use the barcodes again at another time when they want to check when the next tram or bus will arrive.

De Wolf also said that the intention is to continue to use the QR codes and to see how they can be further added to various forms of signage to provide up to date and accurate timetables for people using the Line system.

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