QR codes are becoming increasingly common tools to assist in learning

qr code learning trainee

qr code learning traineeHosts of seminars and other learning events are taking advantage of these smartphone barcodes.

When it comes to running an event, many groups can’t get enough of using fun and available technology to help to share the message that must be learned and to boost interactivity, and QR codes are playing an increasingly important role in this process.

These barcodes are being applied more frequently to events of all sizes to encourage guests to take part.

By adding QR codes to the environment, those holding the events have discovered that people in attendance are more likely to take an additional step to obtain more information and to interact with the various event features. This accomplishes a very important goal, particularly when the events have a marketing, training, or learning purpose.

There are many successful uses for QR codes that have been identified for events and other informational situations.

For example, some companies are beginning to use QR codes to help in tours and orientations for new hires at large facilities. By providing these barcodes that can be scanned at various parts of the tour, it can allow the new employees to discover more about each of the various locations and departments and the roles that they play in the company as a whole.


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Scanning the QR codes can lead to any number of different results, ranging from opening document files to launching audio or video that can provide them with additional useful information. This way, a learner will be able to use smartphone to scan the barcode in order to watch a film that will help to prevent or solve a problem.

Other uses that have been applied to QR codes in these experiences have included polling and surveys. This helps users to provide their individual responses so that companies holding events or training employees, for example, can discover more about a situation, concept, or program.

As the trend continues to grow, it has received more attention from the media. An author named Kella Price has created a piece on the topic called “QR Codes for Trainers”, which was posted on Infoline in January 2013.

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