QR codes appearing mysteriously in Montgomery

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Smartphone scanning QR codesAn oversized barcode has made its way into the downtown area and nobody knows who is behind it.

Montgomery, Alabama has had a unique mobile marketing experience pop up in its downtown area, where QR codes have appeared out of nowhere and nobody seems to know their source.

One of these quick response codes, for instance, was found on a power box located outside of Arts Gone Wild.

That one was located on the corner of Tallapoosa and Commerce Streets. These oversized QR codes just seem to have come out of nowhere. They have been spotted in at least four different locations in the downtown part of the city but there doesn’t seem to be anybody who knows who is behind them or even how long they have been there.

The QR codes just suddenly seem to have attracted notice by people in the city.

In general, QR codes are very common. They are found in advertising, on product packaging, and in various other locations. However, the typical use of the barcodes will generally be linked to a specific organization which places its name or logo on or around the black and white square, so that smartphone users will know why they should be scanning.

Another one of the QR codes was found on Dexter Avenue where the Before I Die Wall had been. There was also another posted outside the Montgomery development department location at One Dexter Plaza. The last has been noticed across from the Court Square Fountain within a concentration of the urban trees that are located there.

At the moment, smartphone users are cautioned not to scan, as it is not yet known whether or not using the QR codes is safe or malicious. Instead, anyone with information about them is being asked to contact the local Montgomery Advisor paper as reporters work to try to gather more information about the story.

As of yet, it is unknown whether these QR codes will be allowed to remain in place, or if their owners have obtained permission to post them where they have been found. Further barcodes also have yet to be located, if there are any.

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