QR codes and their mobile marketing benefits

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

QR Code Scanning Statistics

Online advertising can benefit from these smartphone barcodes.

Though QR codes have played a rapidly increasing role in mobile marketing, until now, they had not been considered in all that important to an overall advertising campaign.

In fact, the actual usefulness of these barcodes had been repeatedly called into question.

Recently, though, among the many versatile uses of QR codes in mobile marketing, advertising firms are now starting to find that the ways in which they can be used is virtually limitless. This is highly meaningful, as they have already managed to bring together entirely different channels, for example, print and the internet, which had previously lived completely separate existences.

QR codes can be created in seconds, at virtually no cost for either the marketer or consumer.

Therefore, by adding this very simple and inexpensive element to an overall mobile marketing campaign, QR codes can bring brands the advantage of a direct link from consumers to their social media, information website, mobile commerce site, or even to make a product purchase.

Some organizations are also using these two dimensional barcodes to create a direct call to action from their product packaging or print advertising. This can encourage a consumer to take advantage of a discount offer, make a purchase, or donate to a charity or fundraiser.


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Furthermore, while the advancement of NFC is still being held back by the fact that it is not available in the majority of mobile devices, QR codes can be scanned by a much larger number of gadgets, including both smartphones and tablets that are equipped with a camera feature.

The primary issue with quick response barcodes isn’t that they don’t have potential in mobile marketing. Instead, it is the lack of imagination being used by the majority of marketers. Though there have been some outstanding creative campaigns, most of these little black and white squares are simply tucked into the rest of a product’s packaging. This gives the consumer no real reason to take the step to scan it.

To take advantage of the raw potential available through QR codes as a part of a smartphone advertising campaign, the key is to provide mobile device users with a reward – in the form of content, videos, discounts, or something else – for using them in the first place.

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