QR codes and Guinness may be a winning pair

QR Code Guinness Marketing Campaign

QR Code Guinness Marketing Campaign

Innovative use could help the codes gain a foothold with consumers

Mobile marketing has become an important part of business. Companies have begun to see the importance of utilizing mobile marketing strategies and technologies, such as QR codes, because these are an ideal way to engage consumers who own smart phones and other mobile devices. QR codes, in particular, have become a popular tool amongst advertisers interested in connecting with these consumers. The codes, simple black and white patterns that can be linked to digital content, have yet to find a sturdy foothold amongst consumers, but famed brewery Guinness believes that this can be changed by utilizing QR codes in innovative ways.

QR coded beer glass from BBDO New York

Guinness has teamed with BBDO New York, a creative advertising firm, to create a new kind of beer glass. The glass is similar to others but features a unique design that can only be seen when it is full. This pattern eventually coalesces into a fully-functional QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone or other mobile device. Dubbed the Guinness QR Cup, the code used in the glass can only be scanned if it is filled with Guinness beer.

Code visible when glass is filled with Guinness

QR codes are well known for their black and white design. The reason the codes used such contrasting colors because this makes the codes easier to scan. Subtle variations in color are confusing for barcode scanning applications and would make the codes ineffective. BBDO took note of this often overlooked aspect and put it into practice. When the glass is empty, the code is invisible. If the glass is filled with typical beer – that of an amber color – the code is visible but not functional because the amber color does not provide enough contract with the white blocks of the code. When filled with Guinness, however, the code is functional because of the beverage’s distinct black color.

New uses for QR codes could catch the attention of consumers

Using QR codes has become commonplace in the world of marketing, so much so that advertisers rarely attempt to use the codes in innovative ways. BBDO believes that innovative code use can make QR codes more popular with consumers, especially those that are susceptible to visual mobile marketing strategies.

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