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More food companies are beginning to make use of QR codes. The maze-like patterns are fast becoming one of the primary methods of information distribution amongst businesses both big and small. In the world of food, this translates into a particular benefit for consumers, as mobile technology opens up new avenues for knowledge. With quick access to such information as where their food is coming from and how it is being produces, consumers are able to keep up with the practices of their favored producers.

Though grocers have been wading into the pool of mobile technology at a timid pace, coffee companies have been adopting QR codes rather quickly. Ethical Bean Coffee, a Fair Trade organic coffee company based in Vancouver, Canada, is one such company taking up the use of the codes. The company prides itself on its humanitarian and eco-friendly approach to producing coffee beans. By plastering QR codes on their products, the company is able to show consumers just how they conduct business on a daily basis through series of short videos.


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Consumers can, of course, find a wealth of other information, such as the best use of particular coffee beans and how they can be used for other purposes besides brewing.

Marketing experts have been calling the codes a veritable revolution for every industry as far as advertising is concerned. Indeed, Ethical Bean Coffee has experienced an increase in business by 40% since they started using the codes earlier this year.

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