QR codes to be added to GEM Vending machines

qr codes vending machine

These quick response codes will be used to offer nutritional information for these convenient foods.

Millions of people look to vending machines to provide a beverage or a snack in the middle of the day, without having any idea of the nutritional content of the item being purchased (until it has already been dispensed), but one company is aiming to change this rule by implementing informational QR codes.

The quick response codes will provide customers with nutritional information before they buy the item.

GEM Vending, a company located in Langley Mill, U.K., is looking to change the way that people use its machines by informing them through QR codes that can be scanned with smartphones or tablets and virtually any free reader app. A simple scan will allow a customer to view the nutritional information of the products within the machine so that he or she will be able to make a more informed decision regarding what is being purchased.

The QR codes are being added to the GEM vending machines through a partnership with Just Peel.

qr codes vending machineThis partnership is bringing the QRcode technology to the various machines from the company to enhance the experience for consumers and improve their ability to choose what is right for them.

The quick response codes are now being displayed on the front of all of the GEM Vending machines. This is done to help to overcome the limitation of the type of product display that is available through sales of this nature. Typically, all that can be seen of the product is the front of its label (if anything at all. Sometimes only the product logo and flavor is available on a button to be pushed.

With the GEM system, a customer can obtain the complete information from that product’s packaging in terms of its nutrition label. A scan of the QR codes brings the customer directly to the GEM “smart site”, which is a website with the breakdown of the nutritional values of the products within the machines. It also provides further search options for individuals who have special dietary needs such as for gluten-free products and those that are appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

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