QR codes add zip to the mobile marketing at FreshXperts

QR Codes

QR CodesThe company has unveiled an entirely new strategy that features the barcodes to connect with consumers.

FreshXperts, a produce consulting group, has just unveiled a brand new online and mobile marketing strategy that is using QR codes as a central element to connect with potential customers.

The barcodes are being used to make sure consumers can be reached no matter where they may be.

The announcement of the new QR codes and mobile marketing plan has come just behind the FreshXperts recent drive to create mobile optimized websites for its clients. This effort has all been made to help to leverage the power of smartphone and tablets in providing immediate access to the information that customers want, when they want it.

The FreshXperts QR codes direct consumers to a large amount of information about the company.

Scans of the QR codes bring the smartphone user directly to a great deal of information about the company, which is available through its mobile website. It includes a great deal of content on the site itself, as well as Twitter and Facebook pages.

According to the FreshXperts vice chairman, Anthony Totta, “Today, more than ever, people rely on their mobile phones to supply answers about individuals, products and services. They can access their email, social media accounts, or surf the Web from almost anywhere. With a simple scan from a mobile device, QR codes offer immediate access to the information that they are seeking.”

Beyond the development of its own mobile website driven by QR codes, the company has also broadened the use of this technology to include its clients, as well. Among the participating customers is Wholesum Harvest, which now has a new mobile page. By scanning the barcodes, consumers can learn more about that company’s packaging information, view an online video, and visit its social media accounts.

Trotta explained that QR codes are able to influence consumers in the supermarket. This allows them to consider a product by scanning the barcode to learn more about the product as well as the company that makes it, how it makes it, and what it stands for.

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