QR code use may improve Edinburgh garbage collection

edinburgh scotland qr code use

The Scottish capital’s city council is considering quick response codes to help overcome issues in the system.

The City of Edinburgh council has announced that it is considering QR code use among many strategies to improve its waste collection services. The council’s transport and environment committee made the announcement in response to complaints from residents. These residents have found issues with the delivery of their waste collection services.

At the start of November, the council agreed to move forward with a 65 point plan to improve service.

The goal is to incorporate QR code use among many other efforts to reduce the number of household collections that are missed. They are also working to improve the way communal areas receive their own waste services.

Aside from the use of quick response codes, in-cab routing technology will also be implemented. The purpose is to give crews the ability to keep a record of the reasons why certain collections have been missed. This new technology will be rolled out across the entire waste collection fleet in Edinburgh by the close of February 2017.

The QR code use and routing technology will be used to decrease the number of missed collections.

edinburgh scotland qr code useEfforts will also be made to identify the areas that are most frequently missed for their waste collection. In this way, the cause of those missed locations can be pinpointed and, hopefully, overcome.

The Edinburgh council’s transport and environment committee has also opted to take on the delays to specific forms of waste collection. More specifically, the garden and food waste delays. They hope to overcome that issue be redesigning the routes while taking into account the areas where homes are more likely to have more than one container of waste.

Larger collection vehicles are required for disposal of food waste and the council intends to procure them in order to keep up with the increase in participation in the city’s food waste collection service. They will come into play after the in-cab routing technology and QR code use, by May 2017. The QR codes will be used to let residents scan to make a quick and easy report of missed collections or communal bins that are overflowing.

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