QR code turnstiles to function in all Shanghai Metro stations by year’s end

QR Code turnstiles - Shanghai Metro Station

The quick response code program first rolled out nearly two months ago and has been successful.

Commuters in Shanghai have been using QR code turnstiles in the first Metro stations to feature the barcodes. The program has been deemed successful. Now, the quick response codes will be heading to the rest of the stations.

The QR code turnstiles make it possible for commuters to use their smartphones as pass cards.

Riders who would prefer to use their smartphones to their IC cards can scan them on the new QR code turnstiles. This lets them enter the Metro station in the same way. The program has been deemed a success and the barcodes will roll out throughout the entire system

That said, it should be noted that there have been many complaints registered about slowdowns at Metro entrances. As commuters get the hang of having their phones ready and scanning as they enter, it’s taking a bit of extra time. When this occurs many times in a row, the result is a slowdown. The transportation system officials feel that this trend is temporary as commuters become accustomed to the service.

Despite the slowdowns, commuters have remained enthusiastic about the QR code turnstiles.

At the moment, the enthusiasm to use the QR code scans has been somewhat overwhelming for the original stations. Lines have been very long. Commuters have faced considerable waits, particularly at rush hour.

Interestingly, commuters seem willing to wait in the lines. Even when there is a long line for the QR code scanning turnstiles, commuters use them instead of the traditional entrances. This is the case even when there isn’t a line at the traditional turnstiles meant for the IC cards.

On Line y, the Jing’an Temple station is equipped with QR code turnstiles in 5 of its 7 entrances. That said, despite the fact that many of the commuters have a ticket or IC card, they are waiting in the lines for the 5 entrances that allow for scanning QR codes instead of going through the 2 card and ticket reading entrances that are flowing perfectly. An estimated 25 percent of the 11 million daily passengers have used the quick response codes.

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