QR code to be displayed on Chantal Sutherland’s backside

jockey Chantal Sutherland qr code

jockey Chantal Sutherland qr code

This will be an integral part of the “TVG Summer of Mobile” marketing campaign.

Horseracing Network, TVG has just launched its new mobile marketing campaign, which features a QR code that will be positioned right on the seat of jockey Chantal Sutherland’s pants.

The advertising will remain there from the start of the campaign until the end of the Del Mar meet.

The campaign is meant for customers who use the TVG Mobile services through their smartphones or tablets in order to make wagers. The QR code will draw attention to that campaign and can be scanned by those mobile devices in order to access the website.

According to the vice president of marketing at TVG Betfair, Don Scott, “TVG Mobile is an important growth area for us and according to research offers a great opportunity to expand the racing business.” Scott also added that by recognizing this fact, the company was able to come up with a number of different forms of promotions that would offer reward to customers who were already using their smartphones and tablets to use the platform, and who help to spread the news to other people about it.

The QR code displayed in such a curious way builds on that effort.

Scott went on to state that “Bringing someone as popular and talented as Chantal on board as part of the campaign can only help spread the word.”


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The campaign itself was first started with its “Bet/Get” promotion, which would give a $50 bonus as a reward to any account holder that used TVG Mobile to wager a minimum of $250. That was only the beginning, though. TVG has stated that the mobile promotions, through the QR code and other means, will be popping up throughout the Del Mar summer meet.

These QR code and other mobile marketing campaigns are all designed to give TVG players more chances to wager reward points, win cash, and win back any bets that they may have lost throughout that time.

Sutherland is the ambassador for the campaign and has been endorsing TVG since 2011. She will continue to ride with the network’s logo on her leg and the QR code on her backside for the entire length of the campaign.

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