QR code system uses fingerprints and face recognition to secure construction site

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A Chinese property developer, Country Garden Holdings, is using the tech for improved digital environment monitoring.

A Chinese property developer listed in Hong Kong is using a QR code system enhanced by fingerprint and facial recognition technology to boost security. The digital environment monitoring system was implemented by Country Garden Holdings to improve efficiency and quality at the construction site.

The quick response codes and biometric scans have been put into place at the company’s Chashan Mansion site.

The project, located in Gongguan, is close to Shenzhen, the heart of innovation in China. It is combining new technologies from its QR code system to cutting edge facial recognition, environment monitoring and fingerprint scanning. These individual technologies are becoming increasingly commonplace at companies across the country. However, this represents the first time a construction firm has rolled out this combination, said a recent Country Garden Holding report.

The QR code system and biometric scans experienced a smooth and rapid implementation.

qr code system fingerprint scanner“The workers got used to the system in a matter of days,” said Ou Peikang, an administration team member from the construction site project. Workers from the site simply need to look at the facial recognition scanner and place their hand on the fingerprint scanner. This provides them with instant access through the construction site’s gate.

The gate is also equipped with tech beyond the biometric scanners and QR codes. The gate area has grooves built into it to make it possible for vehicles to receive an automated washing from spraying through drying. A digital screen allows workers to monitor the current pollution levels and weather conditions,. This includes particle density for PM2.5 and PM10 as well as air humidity and other factors. Workers can use this information for improved safety related decisions.

The QR code system is also used to provide workers with information about construction materials. The bags and packages for the materials display a quick response code that workers can scan with their smartphones, said a company statement. The goal is to better inform employees in order to improve decision making, avoid mistakes due to human error, improve efficiency and enhance quality.

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