QR Code stores big hit in 2013

qr code virtual stores

Dutch Startup to bring pop-up virtual store to the public

After Tesco launched its QR Code virtual store for the homeplus formula in 2009, the number of QR Code stores has been increasing with double digits. In 2012 over 300 QR Code stores were published worldwide and over 2000 have already been announced for 2013. With the rise of mobile commerce, retailers are finally integrating their online and offline channels.

According to Forrester research , mobile retail and travel spending grew by 80% in 2011 and is expected to more than double by the end of 2012. These numbers are supported by comScore and Cap Gemini and show us that mobile commerce is here to stay. Retailers now have the possibility to address this growth and enable their customers to buy whatever, whenever and however they want.

The concept of the virtual store (also called pop-up store or QR Code store) entails QR Codes printed on the walls of train stations, in magazines or on the product itself. Scanning these QR Codes brings the consumer to a mobile webshop, where the purchase can be completed.

The Dutch startup Shop2Mobi has now released a platform that offers a service for retailers to easily start a QR Code store from scratch. “Offering customers ultimate convenience, both offline and online, is a huge trend”, says Roman Markovski, co-founder of Shop2Mobi. “Companies can now bring their online or offline shop directly to their customers, at a bus stop or a door-to-door flyer.”

By supporting all types of mobile shops, providing scan & sale tracking and advanced (geo)statistics, Shop2Mobi monetizes the QR Code store creation. In addition prices have been adjusted to accomodate any company, from the book shop around the corner to multinationals.

Companies around the world are already selling products using QR Codes, including Walmart, Best-Buy, Tesco and PayPal. Clothing and apparel, as well as souvenir and electronics retailers are the first to adopt the new technology. John Lewis and eBay have created a special Christmas pop-up store in the UK, and Amsterdam has opened its first ‘digital mall’ in city center.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Roman Markovski, please call +31639855744 (GMT+1) or send an email to: [email protected] NL Algemeen

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