QR code signs in county parks encourage fitness

QR Codes used for exercise, park grass

QR Codes used for exercise

Visitors to the various locations need only scan the barcodes with their smartphones.

Parks in San Diego’s East County are now featuring QR code displays that allow smartphone users who are hitting the trails to get more than just hiking out of their experience.

A visitor to the locations can enhance the trip through mobile technology.

The QR Fitness Trail signs are special types of displays that are found throughout the parks to help to give visitors more than just the opportunity to go for a walk or a hike. They feature several QR code options, depending on how the visitor would like to work out.

The average sign includes 4 specific QR code workouts and one barcode for more information.

Different options include scanning a QR code to work out the upper body, the lower body, the core muscles, or even improving flexibility. When the barcode is scanned, it quickly and easily redirects the smartphone user to a video that will show him or her specifically how to do a specific workout that targets the chosen area.


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A visitor could scan one QR code to exercise a specific body part or achieve a certain goal, or he or she can work through each of the barcodes to accomplish a complete workout with many features and benefits.

Signs featuring the different QR code options are located all along the trail.

This ensures that visitors will have many different types of workout to discover, and that there will be enough space to enjoy them even if a large number of people are present at the same time. There are two rows of the four QR code options available on each sign, with the top four available for Android device users, and the bottom four designed for Apple devices.

The signs are located a certain distance apart, encouraging users to walk, jog, or run from one to the next along the trail in order to discover the next set of workout options available to them.

According to Pam Slater-Price, the Supervisor of the County Parks and Recreation Department that has created these QR code Fit Trails at the 4S Ranch Sports Park, these barcodes allow visitors to the parks to “utilize the trail for a more active program besides just taking a walk.”

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