QR code shipment tracking system now in use by German company

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QR Code tracking system

The new technology has been implemented by trans-o-flex.

trans-o-flex, a parcel and express delivery company in Europe, has now implemented a new tracking system based on QR code technology, that is being used on German deliveries.

This company is an international subsidiary of the company called the Austrian Post.

According to that organization, it chose a QR code over other forms of barcodes because they are familiar to many smartphone users, and they provide the opportunity to share a great deal more data than other formats.

The company said that the QR code system is connected to an overall mobile commerce effort that is also designed to expand the quantity of information that is available regarding shipments, which can be electronically sent ahead of time.

The choice to use a QR code has also allowed the company to broaden the tracking services available.

Instead of simply helping to monitor the transport of a package, the new quick response code barcode system also helps with specialty shipments, such as hazardous good transportation, where significant amounts of data are required for both safety purposes and in order to be able to adhere to certain shipping conditions as well as to complete customs paperwork.

According to the chief executive officer of trans-o-flex, Oliver Rupp, “This innovation means shipping with trans-o-flex is even easier and safer. All the notification information that is needed for a trans-o-flex shipment can be digitized within the QR code.” He went on to explain that it only make sense to use these two dimensional barcodes as a growing number of clients send advance shipping information. This technology allows the company to “capture data from every consignment automatically.”

trans-o-flex also believes that by using a QR code as a part of the tracking process, it will help to boost the accuracy of the scanning and data capture process, so that deliveries can be made more quickly. At the moment, the company receives over 92 percent of its orders for shipments through electronic means. However, upon pickup, some of those orders have discrepancies with the information that had been submitted. These barcodes should help to reduce that issue.

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