QR code scanner added to Bing Search app

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoft

The quick response code reader and image search are some of the top new features of the application.

The Bing Search app from Microsoft has just received a considerable update that has brought a number of new features to its offerings, which include a built-in QR code scanner as well as the opportunity to use image search.

It’s important to note that the upgrade for this mobile application are currently available only in the U.S.

While the go-to option for the majority of people when searching for something online – regardless of their device of choice – remains Google, Microsoft is hoping that a spectrum of new searching options such as the QR code scanner and the ability to conduct an image search might draw more users away from Google toward its own option. As a result of this upgrade, the Bing Search app officially features options that are not available through Google Search and that mobile device users may find quite handy.

The built-in QR code scanner saves people from having to download a separate reader application.

bing qr code scanner mobile optimized search microsoftThe desktop version of Google Search does have an image searching capability but the version for mobile devices doesn’t give people the chance to upload a picture and search for something similar within the smartphone app. That is exactly what Bing Search has decided to work into its own capabilities. Users can either snap a picture of something they want to search for, or they can upload something that is already stored within their gallery. The image can even be cropped in order to make it more searchable.

The QR code reader functions in the same way as any other scanner of quick response codes. The mobile device camera is aimed at the barcode which is automatically read so the user can be directed to the designated website or app – whatever it is that the QR code was designed to do.

That said, this QR code scanner is meant to work in an improved way over other readers currently available. The difference is that this one has been designed to function quickly and automatically so the user isn’t required to be patient while the barcode is scanned and the relevant outcome is loaded.

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