QR code marketing used by Taco Bell in latest promotion

Taco Bell QR codes

QR code- Cantina Taco Bell

Mobile ads for its Cantina Bell menu feature these smartphone barcodes.

Taco Bell has already been using different forms of QR code advertising, but it has now unveiled its most recent form of mobile marketing that includes the use of these barcodes.

The fast food chain has been using quick response codes to add flair and appeal to their promotions.

This Tex-Mex restaurant has released print ads nationwide that feature a QR code square comprised of lemons and avocados. This pattern functions exactly the same way as the mobile barcodes that are made up of white and black dots or pixels. Smartphone users simply need to scan them with a scanning app and the camera feature on their devices so that they will be directed to the Taco Bell promotion’s landing page, which promotes the new Cantina Bell menu for the chain.

The official launch for the Cantina Bell menu was in June, but the QR code promotion has just started.

Its items feature citrus and guacamole flavors, hence the fruits that were selected to make up the barcodes in the ads. In order to create the two dimensional codes, they meticulously placed the fruits in a predetermined pattern so that smartphones would be able to successfully scan the image and achieve the desired result.


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The company feels that this careful and painstaking effort was highly worthwhile, to be able to offer consumers an added level of creativity to this mobile marketing effort. The landing page for the promotion includes the menu itself, as well as celebrity chef recipes, videos, and a restaurant locator feature, so that consumers can find out where the nearest location is to their current position.

The Taco Bell ad campaign was created through the mobile commerce and barcode technology provided by ScanLife. According to that company’s president and CEO, Mike Wehrs, “The content from a QR code is the most important piece of any campaign. Customers are showing interest in your ad, and are making the proactive decision to engage, so it is paramount that the campaign deliver on those needs.” According to Wehrs, “Taco Bell did a great job.”

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