QR code marketing gaining ground in the entertainment industry

Branded continues QR code marketing campaign

QR code marketing has been a popular trend in the advertising industry for some time. The codes have been a part of Japan’s advertising scene for several years, but have only recently begun attracting attention in Europe and North America. Recently, the film industry has begun making use of QR code marketing strategies to reach out to a new generation of consumers who are inseparable from their mobile devices. Sci-fi thriller Branded, a film depicting a dystopian future where a conspiracy concerning marketing is uncovered, has been making use of QR codes as part of a viral marketing campaign.

Emails hint at vast conspiracy

As part of the movie’s QR code marketing campaign, a series of emails have been sent out throughout the world. These short emails ready:

Dear Loyal Customer,

It turns out there is a vast conspiracy. Have you cracked the code?

We have released new clues. More soon.

The email features two QR codes, one of which resolves to a clip from the movie entitled “First Marketing Piece”, as seen above. The other code resolves to the movie’s official trailer. The QR code marketing campaign has already generated a great deal of hype, drawing in consumers all over the world and introducing them to the basic concepts of the movie.

Branded aims to show the viability of QR codes in marketing

QR codes have become a staple in marketing. The entertainment industry has been slow to adopt the codes because of their limitations and the lackluster interest from consumers. Branded has been making use of QR codes for some time, finding varying degrees of success along its marketing phase.

More viral marketing campaigns expected to come before the release of the movie

Branded is currently scheduled for release on September 7, 2012. More QR code marketing campaigns are expected to emerge as the months pass. Branded is not the first movie to take QR codes beyond the realm of movie posters, but it is among the first to use the codes as part of an aggressive viral marketing initiative.

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