QR code marketing by Stamford Symphony is making beautiful music

Stamford Symphony

Stamford Symphony

The technique is striking a chord with new audiences with smartphones.

The marketers for the Stamford Symphony have chosen a QR code campaign to reach a new smartphone using audience by bridging the gap between their print marketing materials and their digital offerings.

They have chosen to use pbSmart Codes based on positive research of their techniques.

The Stamford Symphony marketing team discovered that nearly half of all American adults own a smartphone, opening up a tremendous opportunity through a QR code program that these individuals could use to learn more about them. They were confident that these barcodes would encourage individuals who might otherwise overlook the symphony’s advertising, to take a second glance.

The QR code was published on a number of different types of direct mail promotions.

This included post cards and other materials that directed users to various types of personalized content, including video messages from the symphony’s conductor. The QR code was also included on signage within the venue that would offer guests additional information about the performances in order to enhance the experience overall.

So far, the Symphony is very pleased with the QR code results.

The metrics from the campaign have been very positive and they have also receive a significant amount of beneficial direct feedback from patrons of all ages. This particular case has demonstrated the way in which the Stamford Symphony was capable of accomplishing several notable outcomes through the use of a QR code marketing campaign.

These included:

• Reaching an audience that is younger and more tech savvy,
• Providing patrons with an enhanced, dynamic, and interactive experience,
• Offering more value to the overall experience of attending a concert,
• Improving the Symphony’s overall image as an organization that is innovative and that keeps up with the times.

The symphony has been able to compare the results of their QR code use with those from others strategies that they have used in the past or that they could have used instead of the barcodes. They are confident that the facts and numbers are strongly in support of continuing the use of quick response codes as a part of their overall strategies.

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