QR code made out of umbrellas breaks world record

Biggest human QR code Mission Hills China

Biggest human QR code Mission Hills ChinaThe largest human barcode was formed by 2,000 people at the Mission Hills luxury golf and spa resort.

On the grounds of the largest golf facility in the world, Mission Hills Shenzhen, in China, the 2,000 employees of the luxury golf and spa resort grouped themselves together in order to form a massive QR code by standing together and holding umbrellas.

The effort was made in order to help to promote the eco-tourist industry in the area.

The QR code was aimed at tourists around the world who are interested in visiting places that focus on sustainability. The result was not only the turned heads of international tourists, but also a record breaking barcode.

The QR code that was formed out of the staff and umbrellas became the largest in the world.

According to the World Record Academy, this has now been registered as the Largest Human QR Code. The facility itself was recognized as the largest by the Guinness World Records organization. It is a gigantic golf facility that has been fully operational since December 2006, at which time it made available its twelve different 18 hole courses.

The Guinness World Record for the largest QR code is currently held by a corn maze that was 309,570 square feet. This was set in Alberta, Canada by the Kraay Family Farm, the Home of the Lacombe Corn Maze Inc.

The human QR code at Mission Hills in China was fully functional when scanned from high above. Photographs of the umbrella are also scannable by smartphones with apps. The barcode was created as a part of marketing plan for a massive program that Mission Hills has implemented in order to become more sustainable and to appeal to tourists who are interested in these efforts.

It has already invested $50 million in programs involving environmental sustainability efforts – those being featured in the website accessed through the QR code scan – which involve strategies such as monitoring air quality, as well as the management of energy, water, waste, and carbon emissions management. It has made a concentrated effort to provide proof that the latest management strategies for golf courses can complement the development of eco-tourism and sustainability as well as the protection of the environment.

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