QR code longevity seen in HarperCollins mobile marketing campaign

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

L.A. Candy campaign subject of Link.me study

Three years ago, publisher HarperCollins launched a QR code marketing campaign for the book L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad. The book featured a QR code on the inner jacket of its cover. When scanned, the code would resolve to a mobile site run by the Link.me platform. Link.me is a mobile platform designed for the publishing industry, allowing companies like HarperCollins to develop mobile marketing campaigns through the use of QR codes and other such technologies. Link.me has been tracking the progress of the publisher’s campaign over the past three years and has produced some surprising results.

QR codes may boast of sustained impact in mobile marketing

Link.me regularly tracks the performance of the mobile marketing campaigns that it facilitates. This information is often used to help companies make tweaks to their current and future campaigns or make changes to the content associated with their QR codes. Link.me has kept track of the performance of the HarperCollins campaign for three years, tracking the changes that have been made during this time and how consumers have been responding to the ongoing campaign.


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Study shows that three-year old campaign continues to attract consumers

According to information provided by the platform, the publisher’s QR code campaign continues to attract attention from consumers. An average of 500 unique scans are tracked each month coming from different regions of the world. Modest changes have been made to the campaign over the years, but it continues to attract the attention of consumers because of its use of QR codes. The barcodes are growing in popularity around the world, and a growing number of consumers are looking to make use of the codes they can find.

QR codes prove to be a resilient tool

The information suggests that QR codes have a penchant for longevity. While many consumers have shown disinterest in the codes in the past, they have managed to remain a relevant force in the world of mobile marketing.

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