QR code labels on chicken let consumers check its quality

chicken qr code labels meat

Scanning quick response codes will make it possible to learn a great deal about the product’s safety.

New QR code labels are being used in parts of India to allow consumers to check on the quality of the chicken they’re buying. The barcodes can be scanned using free apps and smartphones. A scan provides consumers with a wealth of information about the history of the product.

Several details are revealed about the complete history of the chicken when a QR code is scanned.

The QR code labels give consumers access to information about the farmer that raised the specific chicken being sold. It provides data about any medication administered (including antibiotics, hormones or steroids) to that specific livestock individual, the type of food it was fed and the age of the bird at slaughter.

This provides the consumer with useful information that would let him or her make an informed decision regarding the safety of that particular product. The information will help the consumer know that their quality requirements are met by the product they have selected.

The QR code labels aren’t just attached to the product packaging. They are embedded in the bird.

chicken qr code labels meatWhile QR codes for meats are frequently added to the product’s packaging, that is not the case in this circumstance. Instead, the quick response codes are actually embedded on the live chickens’ legs. The product is then displayed in a way that makes it possible for smartphone users to scan the code.

The barcode initiative was implemented by the Venad Poultry Farmers Producers Ltd. They called it the Venad Signature Chicken project. It is backed by NABARD and Kerala Agriculture University.

Venad chairperson K. Chandraprasad explained that the QR code labels are a component of a broader strategy in which “We aim to provide safe meat to consumers and to ensure a base value for farmers apart from the farm rate, complying with the market price.” The first outlet for these products with quick response codes will be located in Kollam at Kottiyam. That location features “scientific killing ponds” and an automated dicer to ensure the customer receives the product in the precise size he or she requires.

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