QR code to enhance beach safety for Bay County tourists

QR code - Beach Safety Sign

The TDC has installed new signage to help people to understand safe usage instructions.

Commissioners in Bay County, Florida recently collaborated with the Bay County Tourist Development Council (TDC) to launch a new beach safety initiative using QR code signage to help keep beach users safe and aware of the latest warnings and information.

The barcode is combined with the Stay PCB Current information hub for local beach safety.

Scanning the QR code provides locals and tourists alike with simple access to an information hub that provides all the safety and usage information they need while visiting the beach. By scanning the barcode with any smartphone, a visitor is provided with information including rip currents, beach flags, sea turtles, and even “leave no trace” tips and instructions.

QR code - Woman on Beach with phone

This allows users to be able to access the information comfortably on their own devices and bring it with them while they’re using the beach, so that they can refer to it when needed. It also provides an up-to-date heads up regarding any cautions or warnings that may be in place at that location.

The goal is to add a QR code in a larger number of locations to make access even easier.

According to Commissioner Clair Pease, the aim would be to install the barcodes into all the condominiums located along the beach in order to make sure that locals and visitors remain informed. This way, they will have the information they need to make appropriate choices about the way they intend to use the beach.

“Sometimes people don’t see the signs,” explained Pease. “They don’t read the signs. They’re excited to be here and see the Gulf of Mexico and be on the beach. But they always have their phones. You simply take a picture of the QR code.”

The cling signs featuring the barcodes are being offered to anyone in the area who wants to post them. The goal is to place them in as many locations as possible that are relevant to the use of the beach. Anyone seeking one of the signs simply needs to contact the TDC or the Bay County Government Center.

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