QR code featured on the side of a UK bus

East Yorkshire Motor Services

East Yorkshire Motor Services

East Yorkshire Motor Services is appealing to students with smartphones.

In an effort to get more young people on the buses, East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd. (EYMS) has announced that it has now fitted one of its buses with a massive QR code.

This barcode is only one of many that are beginning to pop up throughout the country.

However, until now, it has been quite rare to see them on the side of buses. The QR code is no stranger to commercial advertisements, but the sides of buses have not been a prime location for their display.

EYMS is using possibly the largest QR code on a bus as a part of their most recent campaign to students.

It is working with CBS Outdoor, which is responsible for managing all of the commercial advertising for the group. Together these two companies have implemented a QR code as a part of a T-shaped advertisement to draw attention to the services that it has to offer students in Hull. As students are among the demographics most likely to have smartphones, this seemed a natural fit as a marketing channel that would reach and engage them.

CBS created the advertising displays and designed them in partnership with EYMS as one part of this larger campaign. When the barcode is scanned by a student with a smartphone or tablet, he or she is directed to a mobile webpage that is designated specifically for the student services available at EYMS. This page, and the site that surrounds it, have been mobile optimized for reading and navigation using these small screen devices.

From there, students can learn more about the various services available to them, or they can navigate to the main EYMS site to learn about the company and its services in general. This includes the opportunity to save money with teen pass discounts, as well as information about fares and even bus schedules.

This specific QR code advertisement is displayed on one of the EYMS buses that is also outfitted with the route 105 branding. It passes the University and connects with the various Cottingham residence halls, which are reputed to be the largest village in the country.

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