QR code art project by Etstru and Kroppa bring unique design to barcodes

QR Code - Kroppa Etstur QR Project Outdoor

Kroppa used generative AI tech and the stable diffusion model to appeal to potential tourists.

Kroppa and Etstur have teamed up to create a collaborative QR code art project to be used for tourism marketing.

The barcode art was designed by artificial intelligence and is used on billboards and screens in Istanbul.

Kroppa used generative AI technology in combination with the stable diffusion model to create the QR code art. Etstur is a tourism agency that added the barcode to its spots throughout Istanbul, which included billboards, screens, magazines, as well as on social media.

QR Code - Kroppa Etstur QR Project Banner
Kroppa Etstur QR Project Banner

Kroppa provided the necessary creative, tech, and performance marketing departments, all of which it has in-house. It was able to create barcodes that are far more visually appealing than the standard pixelated squares. This way, it could provide visually interesting barcodes for Etstur to use on its summer holiday marketing, sending scanners directly to the vacation opportunities that might appeal to them.

The QR code used was transformed into summer holiday themed artwork using AI technology.

The travel and tourism industry has found barcodes to be a practical solution to being able to send a target audience from offline marketing channels into expansive digital channels. This trend became a core component of the campaign, design and message for Kroppa and Etstur’s project. It used a visually appealing barcode to encourage scans that would then help those consumers to discover a great deal more than would be possible with a billboard or magazine ad.

The artistic component is expected to play a helpful role in the success of this type of campaign. The fun and appealing designs were created to attract the viewer’s attention just as much as the rest of the ad. This is different from conventional ads using the barcodes, which rely on the main ad to draw attention, and have a black and white barcode without much appeal that is meant for practical purposes only.

With the artistic component of this QR code project, the barcode plays just as much of a role in drawing attention to the ad as the main visual itself.

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