QR Code Detective: Are your barcodes making things better?

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Using quick response codes can provide a range of benefits, but do they offer an improvement over the alternative?

There is no mystery to the fact that the use of a QR code can offer a tremendous amount of potential to a mobile marketing campaign, or to the completion of certain processes such as registrations or even bill payments, but the key to getting it right is in making sure that it is providing an option that is easier than the traditional alternative.

Why would a consumer scan a quick response code if it was faster and easier to do things “the old way”?

This week, our investigators had a look at three great examples of the use of the QR code to make things faster, easier, more secure, or in other ways better than using other means to accomplish a similar goal. It is very promising to see that the improvements that are being made in the use of these barcodes are moving ahead with leaps and bounds.

Our QR code investigators spotted three very good examples of the use of the barcodes to make things better for consumers.scan qr code


5 stars QR Code Detective Sterns Lending – This company issued a notice to its clients that encouraged them to scan a QR code, enter their PIN pass code and then upload a picture of their homeowners insurance policy. This service is operated through the MyCoverageInfo mobile website, which is a service that is designed, owned, and operated by Assurant Specialty Property.

The notice explained exactly why the consumer should scan the barcode, once scanned it directed the user to a user-friendly mobile optimized website. When signed in, it allowed the customer to simply snap a picture of the policy declaration page, which many would find far easier and more secure than scanning and emailing, or faxing. This was a wonderful use of the barcode in making an otherwise tedious process much faster, easier, and more secure.

4 stars QR Code Detective Make it Straight – This hair smoothing product had a magazine ad that included a QRcode that the consumer was encouraged to scan in order to “watch the tutorial”. When scanned, it directed the consumer to a mobile friendly website that provided a video as well as additional information pages. This could have been taken one step further to make it a nearly perfect campaign if only an additional incentive – such as a mobile coupon – was provided to encourage the consumer to then act on what they have learned, and make a purchase.

5 stars QR Code Detective InStyle Magazine – The magazine did a great job in using a QR code to encourage readers to scan and subscribe. It had a great call to action, it identified the devices with which the digital version was compatible, it was easy to scan, and it offered a discount to users who subscribed in this way. This makes subscribing fast, easy, and attractive to consumers; a wonderful use of the technology.

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