QR code crossword puzzle links scanners to full-length movie

QR Code Used in Crossword Puzzle

QR Code Used in Crossword Puzzle
As QR codes continue to grow in popularity around the world, new ways to use the codes are beginning to emerge. Svanes Kolding, an emerging filmmaker from Los Angeles, has found a new way to use QR codes that is quite different from how others are using the codes. To commemorate his movie, The Things We Keep, Kolding has fashioned a crossword puzzle out of the iconic design of a QR code. The puzzle is no small feat, as Kolding had to figure out how to make the puzzle functional while ensuring that the code itself could still be scanned.

Kolding’s movie is, essentially, all about souvenirs. Crossword puzzles fit well with this topic as they are something that many people are familiar with and tend to keep hold of. QR codes are still somewhat unfamiliar for consumers, a fact that Kolding is well aware of, but he believes that the codes can be used to entice a person’s natural curiosity. When scanned with a smart phone, the code resolves to a mobile website where people can watch Kolding’s movie in full.

Creative uses for QR codes may help the codes find favor with consumers. Kolding’s simple approach to the codes is one example of how innovation does not necessarily mean pushing the boundaries past the extreme. For consumers, this is an easy way to gain some familiarity with the codes while enjoying an activity that thousands participate in every day.

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