QR code campaign from Volkswagen causes stir in Latin America

QR code campaign-Volkswagen

QR code campaign-Volkswagen

Volkswagen again makes use of QR codes for latest marketing campaign

Volkswagen has shown a great deal of interest in QR codes recently. The German automaker has used the codes in the past as part of its marketing campaigns. The company’s use of QR codes have proven somewhat popular amongst consumers, many of whom have had limited experience with the codes in the past. Volkswagen has launched a new QR code campaign aimed at promoting its commercial vans. Instead of using small versions of the blocky barcodes, the automaker has opted to use a large code made out of boxes.

Automaker looks to promote Crafter van with QR codes

The automaker’s latest QR code campaign is meant to promote its Crafter line of commercial vans. The Crafter is a large, durable vehicle that is often used in a number of labor-oriented industries such as construction and plumbing. In April 2011, Volkswagen made extensive revisions to its Crafter line, hoping to update the vehicle to be better suited to the changing times. The new Crafter served as a precursor to further revisions released in March of this year. Now, Volkswagen is hoping to draw more attention to the recent updates it has made to the vehicle.


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QR code campaign spikes brand awareness by 224%

The automaker has produced a short video that shows off a large QR code made out of boxes. The QR code campaign was launched earlier this month with a marketing stunt held in Central de Abastos in Mexico City. According to Volkswagen, the QR code campaign successfully increased Crafter brand awareness by 224% amongst regulars of Central de Abastos, the largest commercial trading space in Latin America.

Campaign leverages consumer interest in dynamic QR code experiences

QR codes have long been powerful marketing tools. Consumers have shown varying degrees of interest in QR codes as a whole, but have been known to respond well to dynamic QR code campaigns, such as the one launched by Volkswagen.

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