QR code campaign designed by university to promote the city of Bristol

University of Bristol

University of Bristol
The University of Bristol, in partnership with Peloton Design, has created an innovative new marketing campaign that uses QR codes and iconic images of the city in order to broaden awareness of both the place and the school.

The Discover More campaign’s first ad involved an image of Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, which is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The image was made out of QR codes, which formed segments of the towers of the bridge. The advertisement has received a great deal of attention and applause for its innovation and the way that it has generated up to 350 percent more traffic to elements of the university’s website.

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The second ad was published on December 11 in Observer magazine as well as in a billboard campaign that will be displayed for a full month at the St. Pancras tube station in London. This advertisement has the QR code positioned on the basket of a dramatic hot air balloon scene.

The University of Bristol’s director of communications and marketing, David Alder, has explained that the developer of these advertisements have managed to push “the boundaries in terms of design as a highly innovative university and city deserved a campaign that was very creative.”

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