Cornwall Council and Crowdfunder launch QR code campaign for environmental projects

QR code campaign - person displaying QR code on phone

The #LoveWhereYouAre marketing will collect donations to make improvements across the Duchy.

The Cornwall Council and Crowdfunder have started a new QR code campaign called #LoveWhereYouAre, meant to help raise money for environmental projects across the Duchy.

The strategy is meant to collect donations for a range of different carbon neutral initiatives.

The QR code campaign makes it possible for people to scan barcodes posted at some of the most iconic locations throughout Cornwall. These were selected as areas of striking natural beauty, to help inspire people to see the importance of the environment in the area. People can use their smartphones to scan the barcodes to make an instant donation to the effort.

The funds raised will be used for supporting sustainability projects taking place in Cornwall. These projects will have a specific focus on reducing carbon emissions and removing carbon from the atmosphere. They will also focus on overall environmental conservation and boosting community resilience.

Local businesses have been invited to place the QR code campaign displays in their windows.

The Cornwall Council was among the first UK authorities to have declared a climate emergency. They are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

“We know how much people value Cornwall’s unique environment and we need our communities and visitors to work together and take action to lower carbon emissions and enhance our natural places. This fund is designed to collect donations from everyone that loves Cornwall and wants to make sure we are leading the way in the fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity,” said Councilor Martyn Alvey, Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change.

“We came up with the idea of Love Where You Are so residents and visitors can enjoy the spectacular beauty of Cornwall at the same time as contributing to its sustainability,” added Crowdfunder Co-founder and Director Dawn Bebe while discussing the QR code campaign. “This is the first project of its kind in the UK and QR code campaign - person displaying QR code on phonesomething we hope will inspire other parts of the country to follow.” The effort is a component of a number of match-funding opportunities happening locally in the hopes of boosting the donations available to local environmental projects.

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