QR code bill payment method to launch through Tata Power

invoice qr code bill payment

This will make the company the first Indian power utility to use quick response codes in this way.

Tata Power recently announced that it is going to be the very first power utility to use a QR code bill payment system in India.

The quick response codes are meant to make it more convenient for customers to pay their invoices.

“Tata Power has become the first power utility to introduce QR code service for bill payments in Mumbai,” said a statement from Tata Power.

The electricity company acknowledged that while QR code bill payment feature is a first among power providers in India, it is becoming increasingly commonplace among other service industries.

The QR code bill payment option is connected through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

invoice qr code bill paymentThe QR barcodes will be printed on all electricity bills from the company. This will allow customers to use the option to scan the unique QR code on their bills by way of the BHIM application or any other bank app linked with UPI. This allows customers to pay their bills with the convenience of a barcode scan.

The barcodes printed on the bills are unique to the associated invoice. This makes it possible to scan the QR codes and access the specific account and bill without having to manually enter the information. The scan displays the bill’s details so customers can instantly pay the amount using their associated bank accounts. Both the bill’s information and the designated payment information are automatically entered, meaning that a scan and confirmation is everything that customers need to do to pay their bills.

Among the advantages presented to consumers by way of the use of these barcodes as a new payment method is that it stops customers from having to travel to a designated payment location in person. Currently, customers are required to visit a Tata Power bill collection or customer relation center in order to pay their bills. Now, the bills can be paid no matter where the customer happens to be.

The QR code bill payment service is expected to become very popular as it will make the process significantly more convenient than other available payment methods. This is particularly appealing to people who are always on the go.

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