QR code activism takes off in Germany

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR codes proving to be a popular tool for modern activists

Political activism is nothing new. Dissatisfied or disillusioned citizens have taken to voicing their views on government and its practices since time in memorial. Activism has taken on many forms over the course of human history, changing from generation to generation to better personify the discontent of groups both large and small. In the age of technology, activism has taken a somewhat simplistic turn with the help of QR codes. The simple, black and white codes have become a popular tool for those wishing to hold governments and their agencies accountable.

Simple codes able to express new ideas

QR code activism itself is somewhat new. Activist groups have made use of the codes in the past as a way of providing people with quick access to information concerning their cause. QR codes are often chosen due to their simple nature. They are inexpensive to produce and require no programming knowledge in order to be functional. Thus, QR code activism has become a popular way for some to express their opinions to a generation that has become enamored with mobile technology.


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NOAH launches new animal rights campaign in Germany

In Germany, animal rights group NOAH has launched a new activism campaign featuring QR codes. The organization is no stranger to activism, but it has taken QR code activism to a new level with its latest campaign. Volunteers associated with the organization have taken to replacing the QR codes found on posters advertising cosmetic products with those produced by NOAH. Those scanning the QR codes with a smart phone will be able to see a video featuring animal experimentation and information on what can be done to stop it.

Malicious QR codes have caused many to question the safety of unfamiliar codes

QR code activism may be a popular way of expressing an opinion, but many consumers have begun showing caution when confronted with an unfamiliar code. The appearance of malicious QR codes is on the rise, causing many to question the safety of the block barcodes and, in some cases, avoiding them at all costs.

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