PromoJam uses QR code t shirt to engage younger voters

QR Code Tshirts

QR Code Tshirts

Appealing to the tech savvy demographic could boost voter registrations by 1.5 million.

Rock the Vote has introduced a new QR code t shirt line designed to help drive younger voters to register for the upcoming presidential election.

The goal is to increase the numbers by 1.5 million through the support of promotions in social media.

Already underway, this campaign is expected to run right up until this year’s election in November. At the moment, only ten states are allowing voters to register online. This creates quite a barrier for the demographic of 18 to 29 year olds in the United States – who number approximately 44 million – who perform as many of their daily tasks as possible through websites and social networking by way of their computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Rock the Vote and PromoJam are hoping to bridge that gap through a QR code t shirt and promotion campaign. This allows those younger voters to use their favorite devices and the social media platforms to which they are regularly connected, to upgrade the procedures for voter registration and make them more accessible to those mobile using voters.

This campaign has been designed in the hopes to use smartphones to engage youth in politics.

PromoJam is hoping that it will be able to enable Rock the Vote and its digital campaign to provide young voters with interesting and relevant information about the politics so that they will be excited enough to register and vote, having drawn from its existing experience in creating customized promotions through social media for brands in the Fortune 500.


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It will also be using a scan to vote QR code t shirt available at South by Southwest to further drive young voters to register on impulse. Moreover, the Scan to Vote Control Room was officially launched on June 14, 2012, providing a website that will act as the central hub for voter registration.

From that point online, users can register for voting by way of online technology at Rock the Vote, by using their smartphones. They can also use the website to download the Scan To Vote education action kit, to share posts and updates using their favorite social network platforms, and to purchase the QR code t shirt.

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