Project Glass goes on sale in the U.S.

Augmented Reality head mounted display

Augmented Reality Glasses

Project Glass released by Google in an attempt to attract further attention to augmented reality

Google has announced that a limited number of its highly anticipated Project Glass augmented reality glasses are now on sale. The famed technology company has been secretive as to the technical details of Project Glass for some time. Google has released limited information in the hopes of keeping interest in the augmented reality glasses high, a practice that is common in the technology world. Now, Google is looking to test the waters of the commercial market with the release of Project Glass “Explorer’s Edition.”

Glasses available to a very limited audience for a high cost

Google expects that consumers will respond well to the hastened release of Project Glass. There is a catch, however, as the company has taken steps to ensure that the limited release of the augmented reality glasses remains truly limited. The glasses will only be available to U.S. technology developers that attended the company’s I/O developer conference this year. Project Glass Explorer’s Edition will also cost $1,500. The glasses are available now for those that attended the conference and will be available until some point in 2013.


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Augmented reality continues to gain momentum amongst consumers

Project Glass has caused a stir in the technology world for its use of augmented reality. This interactive technology is capable of superimposing digital content over the real world. Augmented reality is used often in a number of mobile applications that provide users with directions to local shops or those that allow them to play virtual games in a real-world environment. Project Glass aims to expose users to the more social aspects of augmented reality technology by providing them with a number of connectivity features that can be found on the most popular social networking sites.

Early purchasers may be subject to NDA

There are no details as of yet concerning what information owners of the Explorer’s Edition augmented reality glasses will be able to share publicly. The glasses may be protected by a non-disclosure agreement, which will prevent their users from releasing any information concerning any flaws in the product’s augmented reality systems.

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