Progenitor of QR codes releases new guide to help people understand how to use the technology

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

Though QR codes have only recently been getting a great deal of attention, they are not a new technology. The codes were first developed in Japan by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The company designed QR codes as a way to efficiently keep track of inventory. When Japanese marketers got hold of the barcodes, however, they found that they could create interactive advertisements with the codes. Today, QR codes are nearly everywhere in Japan, but fairly rare in Western societies. Though the codes are now becoming famous in the U.S., many companies are not using them effectively. To remedy this, Denso ADC, the U.S. sales arm of Denso Wave, has released a new guide.

The guide is designed to help people understand how QR code technology works and why it has become so successful in Japan. The codes have a multitude of uses spanning several industries of business. If they are not used correctly, however, they could spell the end of marketing campaigns or make inventory exceedingly difficult to keep track of. Denso Wave is well aware of the potential pitfalls as it has spent years perfecting the technology through a process of trial and error.

Denso’s guide is available for free to anyone wishing to view it. The guide covers several topics, but does not go to great lengths to disclose secrets to successfully using the technology, as the guide is only 12-pages long.

For the Denso Free Guide to QR Codes:

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