5 Ways to Speed up the Process of Your Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile application is a real challenge you need to anticipate since you need to build everything from scratch, it would take time and a portion of your budget too. Unless you can build your mobile app, you’ll need to hire developers to do it. Although you only need to monitor your team, you might also need to know specific ways to speed up the development. 

Ways to Speed up the Process

You can help speed up the process in the following ways.

Establish an app development strategy

When you hire a mobile app development agency, you need to see their app development strategy regarding your project. It is the blueprint you need to follow before, during, and after the development process. Some essential points in your strategy include your plans of monetizing your app, marketing it, and the competition as well. If you know the purpose of your app, then you can speed up constructing it.

Mobile App Development - Team Working

Utilize cross-platform app development

Most businesses target to develop apps compatible with both iOS and Android. It can take a huge amount of time if you also have this kind of plan. This is where cross-platform app development can save you. When you use a cross-platform app, you can use a single codebase that can be implemented on both iOS and Android apps. You can also enjoy faster app development here.

Automated testing

Manual testing is such a bad idea, and no testing at all is the worst idea. You can’t launch your app without ensuring that all aspects of the user-end experience are fulfilled. Note that some features and functionalities take long hours to test. You can speed everything up through automated testing. Here, you can reduce the testing time and save your team from killer manual testing. 

Simultaneously do the test and QA

Usually, mobile apps should be sent to testers to see if there are bugs. After that developers need to resolve the issues sent by the testers and then forward it to the QA team. Why not do the testing and QAing simultaneously? In this way, you can speed up the progress and improvements. Thus, making it for deployment as early as possible.

Hire a dedicated team

One crucial aspect of speeding up your mobile app development process is in the hands of your developers. It is important that you hire a dedicated and reputable team to handle your mobile app, even if it costs more. All the aforementioned ways won’t make sense if you don’t have the right team on your side. Besides, there are lots of app development agencies you can rely upon. You only need to ensure that they have the qualifications by looking at their past projects before hiring them.


In developing a mobile app, speed matters, but you can’t also compromise the quality. Right at the beginning of the process, you might state the expected timeline of your app’s launch. Although there is no problem with it, you should still know that the timeline of your app depends on your requirements, the technologies you want, and the quality of the team you have. With this in mind, strive to look for a reputable mobile app development agency.

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  1. Carlos Herrera

    You have rightly said that in developing an app speed matters but we can’t compromise the quality. I agree with all the points that you have mentioned in this blog and it was quite interesting to read. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. I am looking forward to read more such blogs in the future.

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