Portable UV light cleaner gadgets give consumers a high-tech way to blast away germs

UV Light Cleaner - USB Portable UVC Sterilization Light Disinfection Travel Home Sterilizer

These devices come in many forms, but these tiny versions have proven to be very convenient.

As people around the world look for ways to keep electronics and workspaces clean, UV light cleaner devices have spiked in popularity. Of course, they’re not all created equal. While some are large and clunky, there are some that can simply plug into a UVC or USB port to get the job done.

A mini portable UVC sterilization light can plug into many smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The mini portable UVC sterilization light is a UV light cleaner that plugs into the UVC port of a smartphone or even a tablet or laptop. By plugging it into a compatible smartphone (sorry, no lightning cable-based iPhones), it becomes a portable sterilization device you can use on many parts of the home, including a mouse, keyboard, knobs and drawer pulls, doorknobs, faucet handles, remote controls and anything else that is handled on a regular basis but needs cleaning. It can also be plugged into a laptop or tablet to turn the ultraviolet light on your phone so it will be cleaned, too.

The device functions by shining ultraviolet light on a surface, breaking down the DNA within various types of germs such as bacteria and viruses.

For seven days, shoppers can save 15 percent on that popular gadget by clicking the above link or entering coupon code MINIUVCLEAN.

For devices without a UVC port, there are also USB UV light cleaner products that work similarly.

A USB sanitizer works in the same way, only it plugs into a standard USB port (save 15 percent on that one for seven days using coupon code USBSANITIZER). This version will plug into most laptops, but it also becomes ultra portable by plugging into a Mogix external power bank’s USB port. That way, you can use it anywhere, including turning it on your smartphone’s surface and case to help clean it.

Moreover, by plugging it into your portable battery pack, you’ll be able to disinfect your electronics and UV Light Cleaner - USB Portable UVC Sterilization Light Disinfection Travel Home Sterilizersurfaces without draining your smartphone’s battery, which many people find to be beneficial in their UV light cleaner.

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