How a portable battery pack is key to 2020 holiday celebrations

Portable Battery Pack

Holidays of all types will need phones, speakers and other devices to stay charged up this year.

This year’s holiday season is unlike any other in history and as such, the portable battery pack is predicted to be one of the most important tech accessories for getting through it.

Prior years have involved using phone for playlists, calls and texts, but 2020 isn’t like prior years.

The reason a portable battery pack is playing such a central role in this year’s holiday season has to do with the greater reliance on mobile devices than in any other year end. Throughout the season, we’ve been using our phones to find deals, shop for gifts, and pay for purchases at curbside pickups.  These devices have needed to stay charged or we wouldn’t have been able to keep up with our Zoom yoga classes and weekly family catchups.

The key to making sure you’ve chosen the right power bank is to choose one that is reliable, that has a great capacity, that is lightweight and slim.  The Mogix external phone charger, for instance, has a massive 10,400 mAh capacity and features two charging ports so you can recharge more than one device at the same time.

Virtual gatherings will make the portable battery pack even more important to this year’s celebrations.

This year, there are many reasons that a phone will be a central part of many families’ holiday celebrations.  Not all these uses allow the phone or other rechargeable devices to be plugged into a wall.  The following are only some of the reasons that a power bank will need to be on hand because your phone battery will be draining very quickly on Christmas and New Year, for example.

  • Music – Whether you’re listening to all your favorite Christmas songs on your new pair of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones or blasting it on a full speaker system, you still want to be able to keep your phone with you and charged for all its other uses. Plugging it into a power bank makes it easy to recharge it no matter where it needs to sit.
  • Digital Fireplace – If that digital fireplace is a central part of your celebrations every year, there are lots of places that will let you stream it. Make sure your fire log never burns out by giving your device all the fuel it needs to keep going.
  • Pictures – Who could get through a holiday season without wracking up tons of pictures? Whether it’s the kids unwrapping their gifts under the tree, a distanced photo taken from the driveway during a gift exchange, those hard-to-resist Instagram posts of your holiday meal, or that special kiss as you ring in the New Year, keeping your phone charged with a portable battery pack can help you to know that you won’t miss a snap.  Don’t forget that phones lose their charge faster when they’re cold, so you may need to bring it with you if you’ll be doing a number of those outdoor distanced visits.
  • Portable Battery PackVideo Gatherings – Even if you’re celebrating in a place with stay-at-home orders, you can still make sure you open gifts and give toasts with the people you love. Just as we’ve all done throughout the year and the early holiday season, the video calls for gatherings of all kind will continue from Christmas through the New Year. These are very hard on a phone’s charge, so keeping a portable battery pack handy will be sure that nobody misses the opening of that special gift from Santa Claus.

From the entire team at QR Code Press, have a safe, healthy and happy holidays!

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