Pomegranate QR codes at INI Farms to help keep consumers informed

Pomegranate QR codes - Pomegranates

The quick response barcodes will also help to make it easier to trace the history of the fruit.

Indian grower and marketer INI Farms has added pomegranate QR codes to its fruit in order to boost traceability while keeping consumer more informed.

INI Farms is adding the barcodes to all its fruits while increasing the capacity to trace each scanned fruit.

In addition to the pomegranate QR codes, INI will also be using upgraded traceability tools and techniques. All the company’s pomegranates sold under its Kimaye brand will now feature the barcoded labels. This includes both the fruits being sold domestically and those shipped internationally. The barcodes are a part of the larger FruitRoute technology program.

Scanning the quick response code provides a consumer with information about the fruit’s complete journey from the farm where it was grown, the farmer who grew and cultivated it, the harvesting, handling, packaging, transportation and finally retail sale of the product.

This type of strategy as used with the pomegranate QR codes is becoming more popular worldwide.

The first containers of barcoded fruits have already reached the transportation phase of their journey and have been shipped to Dubai. Other shipments of the fruit are slated for transportation to Kuwait, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. They are scheduled to be sent to those locations before the end of the month.

INI Farms is only just getting started with this one type of product. Its intention is to add labels including the barcodes to its complete fresh cut range by the close of September. Its bananas will also be barcoded before the end of December.

INI Farms CEO Purnima Khandelwal explained that the company decided to implement a traceability program as consumers sought to learn more about the journey of their produce. Consumers are increasingly aware of fruit safety and hygiene, especially following the pandemic outbreak. The company chose to address this need through barcode scans.

“For INI Farms, the quality and safety our fruit has always been a priority and this will help in building Pomegranate QR codes - Pomegranatesthe trust that customers seek while buying fruits from the market,” explained Khandelwal while discussing the pomegranate QR codes.

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