Pinterest marketing tips that will turn pins into profits

Pinterest marketing

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While you’ve been focusing on trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter, the right Pinterest marketing tips have been sitting in front of you, mainly – if not entirely – ignored.

This is unfortunate, as this is the best social network for you to be if you want to reach a targeted audience.

Fortunately though, QR Code Press is bringing you a free webinar replay that will help you to understand exactly why Pinterest marketing tips are your key to getting social media right. It will show you specifically why this platform is astoundingly powerful, despite the fact that all too many marketers and advertisers ignore it.

The main issue is that it is widely misunderstood. Many people look at the number of posts that are made to gauge how popular it is and how effective it may be. They may also look to the number of registered users who are regularly signed in when they use this social network.

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The fact is that many of the platform’s users aren’t even signed in when they use it. Moreover, about 80 percent of users don’t bother to create their own posts. They’re out there to find what they like from among the existing posts. Then they share or re-pin what they find. This means that 4 out of every 5 users isn’t interested in creating. They may be looking for precisely what you have to offer and when they find it, they will share, spread the word, and shop.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the great Pinterest marketing tips you’ll learn in this free webinar.

pinterest marketing tips for mobile commerce

  • How a quick 15-minute redesign of an existing pin resulted in over 1.4 million re-pins and more than 500 daily visitors to a website.
  • What pin design is the most effective for consumption, sharing, and click-throughs to your own site.
  • Design tips to use in virtually everything you post from now on.
  • The 6 most popular Pinterest niches and how savvy businesses are finding this platform shockingly effective.
  • How to reach someone at the moment that they are primed and ready to make a purchase. This is an important one among Pinterest marketing tips since users of this platform spend more than users on any other social network.
  • How to use the one type of pin that works for any category or market, and that is next to guaranteed to achieve re-pins.

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