Pilot program of a holographic QR code display begins at Aloft Hotel

Holographic Hotel Concierge

Aloft Hotel has announced that it will be testing a new program that involves QR codes to provide guests with a holographic concierge that will be able to assist them with convenient access to information as well as discount offers and promotions from businesses nearby.

The pilot program involves the use of a life-sized cutout of a hotel concierge, which is located in Aloft’s lobby, and onto which a holographic image is projected. This holographic person can then provide the hotel’s guests with information about the best places to golf, shop, or eat, as well as tell them about spas in the area, and transportation options.

According to the Wireless Developer Agency vice president, Brennan Hayden, from East Lansing, MI, the hotel’s guests are often travelers who are looking to save money without sacrificing style. These are individuals who typically carry smartphones and know how to use their devices and their apps to improve their time and money savings.

Mr. Hayden is not affiliated with Aloft Hotel, but spoke on the topic based on his expertise in the mobile marketing and advertising industry.

Hayden went on to say that this group of people won’t even need to think twice to know how to receive a special offer through the scanning of a QR code. He explained that this small additional effort to obtain a reader for the QR code is “more than worth it to this audience, who enthusiastically spend time on things that will help them find good deals.”

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