Philadelphia Eagles make use of augmented reality

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

Sports teams begin to explore the possibilities of technology

Sports teams have been working to ensure that fans continue to come to stadiums to experience games since the advent of home entertainment. Many teams have taken aggressive steps to ensure that the in-stadium experience is as good as possible. The Philadelphia Eagles, for instance, have recently turned to augmented reality to provide its fans with a memorable and engaging experience. The team has begun embedding digital content in its event tickets, which can be unlocked using a smart phone or similar mobile device.

Technology is not foreign to the world of sports

Augmented reality has been a part of the sports world for many years. The technology is regularly used to give sports enthusiasts who prefer viewing competitions from home a better understanding of what is happening during a game. In football, augmented reality is often used to display the first-down line, as well as provide other information that is pertinent to a given game. The Eagles believe that the technology could be used to make the in-stadium experience more robust for fans.

Augmented reality could create a more robust experience for Eagles fans

Using a smart phone equipped with an augmented reality application, Eagles’ fans will be able to experience the digital content contained in their tickets. This content can range from simple text to interactive games. Currently, the augmented reality content embedded in Eagles tickets is contained to video messages from various members of the team. In the future, the Eagles may opt to expand their use of augmented reality technology in order to provide new experiences to stadium-goers.

Team hopes to provide fans with more dynamic and enjoyable experience

Some teams have found it difficult to keep stadium attendance high due to the inherent costs associated with attending games being held in such arenas. Many sports fans are beginning to prefer the experiences they can have at home as opposed to those found at stadiums. The Philadelphia Eagles believe that technology could be the catalyst that brings people back to stadiums, however.

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